A recognized organiser of conferences and economic missions

Who we are?

Our experience consists of many years of work on projects for both the public and private sector.

We cooperate with entities from Poland and abroad.

We are distinguished by our excellent knowledge of the tasks we carry out as well as flexibility in working on even the most demanding projects.

Our activities are supported by cooperation with the scientific sector, research institutes. This ensures the highest level of services for each, even the most demanding client.

We manage the project in a comprehensive manner ensuring its visual, media, organizational and logistic success while optimizing the cost side.

We cooperate only with verified contractors.

CEO & Founder

Aleksandra Cybulska

A graduate of international relations and also of the College of Europe, she studied in Poland and France.

She gained her professional experience in managerial positions at the Economic Department of the French Embassy in Poland (Ubifrance), then in public administration at GDDKiA, where she performed all tasks related to international activity and event organisation. She has worked for the UN for many years and currently supports PIARC - World Road Association where she is responsible for the realization of events, congresses and seminars around the world.

Her experience includes the accomplishment of over 100 different types of events, including conferences, seminars, trainings, economic missions, fairs for small, medium and large, from a few to even 5000 participants.

We will organize for you


We will prepare for you a list of countries and events with development potential for your company.

We will prepare a detailed programme of the trip for you, organize B2B meetings, help to develop a presentation and offer tailored to the potential market.

We will organize a pre-departure training to familiarize you with the potential market.

We will take care of the transport - flights, crossings.

We will provide meeting places, catering, travel insurance.

Trade fairs

We will prepare for you a list of events tailored to the needs and profile of your company, select an offer based on your budget, prepare market research for your products.

We will plan your company's participation in the selected event comprehensively. We will take care of the design and construction of your stand, prepare conference materials, deliver promotional materials and exhibits to the site, organize transport - flights, trips and accommodation.

Conferences, seminars,

We will prepare for you a project of the event with a scenario tailored to your needs and budget, prepare and settle cost estimates, take over negotiations with subcontractors, assist in the development and implementation of the substantive program, promotional plan, conference materials, website, participation in social media.

We will rent places where your event will take place, provide appropriate setting, stage, sound system, lighting, translation, catering, reception and guest service.

We will organize evening gala events and accompanying thematic events.

We will take care of transport and hotel services.

Other tailor -
made events

Jubilee, seminar, training, Christmas meeting, picnic, concert, or maybe Olympics? We will organize every event for you, with us everything is possible!



We will organise every on-line event :

  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Training courses

We are organising:

  • Management Boards
  • Supervisory Boards
  • Shareholders' Meetings / General Meetings
  • The Association's Management Boards
  • General Meetings of the Associations
  • One-to-one confidential meetings

Additional functionalities:
  • Simultaneous interpretation during the meeting
  • Full technical support
  • Open and secret voting
  • Reports on participation and voting
  • Multilingual presentations

Other tailor - made events

We will organize every event for you, anything is possible with us!

We will soon organise a virtual fairs for you!

Our portfolio

XV International Winter Road Congress GDAŃSK 2018

XXVI World Road Congress ABU DHABI 2019

VI Warmia and Mazury Road Forum Safe Roads of the Future, Mikołajki 2019

RODEO V4 - Snow Plough Operators Competition, Rodeo Krakow 2019


"I am inviting you to participate in the events that ALCORE is excited to co-organise. Aleksandra Cybulska"

Aleksandra Cybulska”

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We are currently working on:


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